img prog-industrielleIn the field of industrial programming, Idexpac Automation Inc. has multiple and diversified expertise ready to
meet your needs, among others in real-time systems programming.  Thanks to its know-how in automation,
robotics, electronics, mechanics and IT, tailor-made and innovative solutions will allow you to optimize your
various processes and equipment.

  • Automation Programming (PLC): We work with various brands including Seimens, Omron, Allen Bradley, Proface, Mitsubishi, GE, Modicon, and others.
  • Industrial Controls Programming: According to IEC61131 regulations with different programs such as CoDeSys, ISaGRAF, and others.
  • User Interface Programming (HMI): Using hardware and software such as Proface, Maple System, PCVue, PlantVue, and others.

Langages used: C, C++, Graphcet, LabView, Ladder, SFC, ST, VBA, .net, and others.

Operating systems used: QNX (QNX 2.x, QNX 4.x et QNX 6.x), Linux, Windows, and others.


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