img realisation-logiciel

Software Sector

  • Function blocks specialized in automation for IEC61131 software.
img realisation-equipements-essais

Test Equipment Sector

  • Data acquisition system and control of a test bench for industrial generators.

  • Movement control in the contextual realization of a test bed for aircraft engines.

img realisation-nucleaire

Nuclear Sector

  • Information system for crisis management of a nuclear power plant on embedded computers with data acquisition via optical fibers.
img realisation-pates-papiers

Pulp and Paper Sector

  • Development and installation of a communication interface between PLC GE and centralized computers with data acquisition via optical fibers.
img realisation-biotechnologique

Biotechnology Sector

  • Design and implementation of yeast separation systems, yeast distribution, yeast fermentation and air systems.

  • Design of a robotic system for brewing an in-vitro stomach.

img realisation-alimentaire

Food Industry and Bakeries

  • Design and implementation of a production intercommunication system optimizing a connection between administration and production with automatic transfer of production schedules to equipment.  Includes Ingredient System, batching with GSE batching computer, mixer, filling chain, Vemag doser, label printer control and filling chain supervision.

  • Design of a machine state monitoring system with user interfaces, light signals, box count and automatic lens stop.

  • Optimization and improvement of a packaging line for semi-liquid cake and muffin dough to be frozen at different stations:  Boiler deposit, dosing, lid installation and conveyor.  This results in a significant increase in plant productivity and reliability.


    • Intermediate dosage with Vemag doser, allowing the highest possible dose accuracy.
    • Existing PLC replacement by a ProfibusDP industrial network coupler enabling controller-to-machine communication.
    • Upgrade of the pneumatic vacuum system.
    • Implementation of a tactile interface for food.
    • Implementation of a control panel, including security.
    • Parameterization of the production elements allowing the independant adjustment of these parameters.
img realisation-fabrication

Manufacturing Sector

  • Design and implementation of an induction cooking control system, including NAR power electronic rectifiers and hydraulic pumps for the acquisition of temperature and pressure data.

  • Remplacement and improvement of a user interface system to the induction of the cooking application.

  • Programming sheet metal seams, cutting sizes and selection of stores for sheet metal cutter with PLC Wago under CodeSys.

  • Modification, maintenance and synchronization of the programming of lines of plastic extruder manufacturing irrigation pipes with PLC Proface and Motion Controller TrioMotion Red Lion interface.  Modification of HMI and addition of pressure alarms.

  • Installation of a synchronized brake for tension control of films on a plastic film perforator by high-voltage electrical pulses.

  • Study of a high-voltage system for reduction of electromagnetic interference and earthing revision.

  • Feasibility study of a vision system for detection of the absence of perforation of quality assurance type, synchronized with a punch.

img realisation-securisation-machinesMachine Securization Sector

  • Securing a cutting press. Polycarbonate protector surrounding the press with sliding access door with safety switch, locking system and locking control.
img realisation-programmation

Industrial Programming Sector

  • Programming of Data Acquisition System of TSM mixers for calculating consumption with a network interface on PC.

Metallurgy and Welding Sector

  • Welding control system of worn parts on pipes.

  • Based on an existing system with the addition of a point of service for the carriage with return to the last working position.

  • Offers the possibility of integration of the welding unit command with tension and current readings and if necessary, controls the height of the welding head.

  • Open, flexible, versatile and evolutionary system.

  • Advantage with the command system, Ethernet communication and transfer of information from the factory to the administration.

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